Hailing from Japan, Takay earned a reputation as a much sought after artist and photographer beginning in the mid nineties. Upon completing his degree in Japan, he relocated to London and began shooting his own narratives. In 1998 he landed editorials with i-D, The Face, and Arena. His work garnered attention from worldwide magazines and designer houses. Takay has been doing solo exhibition in London,Tokyo and NY.
He has also joined Chanel exhibition in Shanghai 2010 and Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition from 2010~2016 at several places in the world.
Takay has seamlessly transitioned from still photography into film and motion picture, while maintaining his seductive and haunting style. In addition to working with esteemed clients, he has continued to work on personal projects and currently resides in New York City.



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Takay has been doing solo exhibition in London,
Tokyo and NY

A portrait of
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Marc Gourmelen
Marc Gourmelen is a creative director for fashion luxury brands.
He is a selftaught photographer who discovered what a frame could be through a must-have object of the 80’s, the Polaroid camera. He is not a snap shooter. “La photographie est une mise en place du hasard”. Black Eye is his first book and "Il rosa non è un colore" his first short movie. He never showed his photos before, only to a few friends.